Key Principles

The PassionBusiness Project was born out of the observation that reality is broken and we as a society need to change our attitudes and systems in order to achieve the desired outcomes. In the following video you will find Daniel Pandza´s introduction to the PassionBusiness Project at TEDxPatagonia in November 2011.

The PassionBusiness Concept can cause some misunderstanding because the two concepts Passion vs. Business are frequently perceived as contradicting goals. In the following lines we will try to highlight our key definitions of the concept.

KEY PRINCIPLE #1PASSION is NOT LIMITED to the typical professions such as art, dance, music, literature, etc. but any profession or activity that creates a mental state of FLOW for the person).  Hence, it involves the for example also the accountant who has identified that her passion is to explore the degrees of freedom that the law offers in order to help companies safe money and use it for more meaningful purposes (e.g. employee training, education, etc.) o the Educator who wants to develop more meaningful and fun ways to turn education into a more useful and meaningful experience for kids… PASSION IS EVERYWHERE!

KEY PRINCIPLE #2 – All projects MUST SERVE our SOCIETY and tackle one of the important challenge that our generation is facing. We want to direct the creative and analytical capabilities of future passion-heroes towards meaningful causes (resolve a problem, increase satisfaction, create joy, help people, etc.) – MEANING IS A MUST!

KEY PRINCIPLE #3 – The purpose of generating PROFITS is NOT PRIMARY TO GET RICH AND FAMOUS, or BUY EXPENSIVE CARS… More, we want believe that the person who consciously decided to use her “god-given-gifts” and talents towards solving meaningful problems will not need to worry about financial issues and concentrate 100% of her attention to her life project. – FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE IS CRUCIAL!

KEY PRINCIPLES #4 – BUSINESS does not necessary mean that you have to start your own business… maybe you love finance & music so you would like to work as the head of Finance in a Music Company. Or you realize the benefits of your existing job are very valuable and identify new ways for finding meaning in the thing that you’ve been doing for a while…  Or maybe you feel that you want to use your talents in order to transform the organization where you are working for in order to create higher levels of employee satisfaction through the transformation of the corporate culture. ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS COOL, BUT NOT A MUST!


In the following graph you can get a preview of the key principles that we use as guiding our research and practice for inspiring, guiding, motivating and training participants of our workshops…

Cover PassionBusiness Process Draft 1


Our founding team has extensive experience in the area of BusinessDesign and we have worked in our professional lives with companies from different sizes, industries and maturity stages. We will use this experience in order to maximize the differentiation, profitability and scalability of the business that are generated. Moreover, we intend to foster the synergy and collaboration between all community members.

Some of the companies that we have worked with in consulting projects, workshops, motivational & inspirational key-notes are listed below.

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  1. Felicidades Daniel, espero y pronto nos veamos para platicar, mucho éxito en este 2012.

    Atte: Juan Rodrigo Huerta Manning

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