The One Million Pesos Temptation

A few months ago I have received a very attractive job-offer from one of Europes leading and most profitable hotel chains. The temptation was very high… My profile fits perfectly to the job profile… and the people who are working in the organization all seem to enjoy the personal growth and professional challenge. The project would involve designing the international expansion plan of a new brand and involve quiete a large amount of travelling across Europe, Latin America and North America.

The offer came in a very interesting phase of my life as I had to decide if I will stay true to my believes, dreams and passion, or take the money and accept postponing my goals for the sake of others…

To make a long story short… I rejected the One Million Pesos offer and made an even more drastic decision that will affect the next 6 months of my life… Will be happy to share more of these experiences over the next few weeks as I am pushing my personal passion-business project to a new dimension…

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