Also in 2011 I have continued to work on the “copernicus project” at Phanaint Mexico. The challenge gets more and more exciting as we reach out to more customers, gather more experiences, and comprehend better the underserved needs of our potential customers.

I am amazed how easy it is to design a logic and meaningful strategy on the one hand, and make the strategy come true, on the other hand… The biggest challenge is to communicate effectively with employees and customers and make sure that everybody is on the same page… Also, practice takes “too freekin long..” But we have patience and learn with each project to be more effective and prevent trouble…

Peter Burwash International

On a recent job assignment in Los Cabos I had the chance to meet the Tennis Coach of the hotel. As we chated about each other’s projects, he shared with me that he is actually working for Peter Burwash International, a company that positions itself as “the world leader in professional tennis management since 1975”. The company provides individual tennis programs at the world’s finest resorts and clubs all around the world.

If you check the website and conduct some research about the company, you will agree that Peter Burwash International fits 100% into the PassionBusiness Philosophy and serves as a great inspiration for everybody who needs inspiration and validation that the world is full of possibilities… Have faith, think big, craft a solid strategy and business model, and GO FOR IT!