PassionHeroes 001 – Roz Savage: From Business Consultant to Ocean Rower and Activist


Over the past few weeks I was thinking about the challenges ahead. I realized that there are people out there who will have difficulties in accepting the statement that everybody can achieve financial stability and personal fulfillment.

With the objective to create a positive attitude, I will post on a regular basis stories of people who have made the decision to change their lives in order to pursue more meaningful outcomes. The different stories will be categorized as “PassionHeroes” and should serve as a source of inspiration for you. I hope you´ll like the videos and share some of your favorite stories with our community…

Roz Savage: From Business Consultant to Ocean Rower and Activist

The first video in this series is a story of Roz Savage, a former successful business consultant from London. One day she realized that the live that she was living was not what she wanted, decided to make a cut and pursue her dream to become an adventurer who crosses the atlantic ocean in a row boat. Check out her story and how she fund a whole new purpose that has the potential to change the way you look at the world and your role in it…

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