What the world needs now? IRRATIONAL THINKING

Didn´t we all dream big and limitless when we were kids?

In the following TED Talk by Adora Svitak, a 12 year old child prodigy, you will hear a very inspiring invitation to remember our idealistic dreams that we´ve pursued as kids, but stopped pursuing due to knowledge and experiences of failed intents that are now our pre-dominant paradigm that makes us being afraid and non-idealistic any more.

Wouldn´t  it be great if we could back in time and remember what our idealistic, world changing childhood ideas were and we could dig into a little bit of forgotten passion, past experiences and ressourcefull design thinking skills in order to

  • pursue these world-changing ideas again,
  • make the world a better place,
  • reach personal fulfillment,
  • and make a living through doing what we love?

Well, I think that is time to dream again and start working on these wicked problems. The potential rewards (personal, societal & financial) are highly rewarding for all those leaders and first followers…

  • What were your childhood dreams?
  • What were your life experiences that tell you why realizing these dreams will not work?
  • How could some systemic and strategic design thinking help you overcome these perceived barriers and turn your ideas into reality?

I think worth spending some time reflecting about these questions… Dream Big!

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