The first key factor for success is… PASSION!

As I have admited previously (here), I AM A TEDoholic. One of my favourite talks is Richard St. John´s TED Talk on the Eight Factors of Success (see below).

However, over the past few years we have met many people who HAVE NOT been able to clearly IDENTIFY what their passion is and/or who lack the SKILLS and METHODOLOGIES in order to make a decent living with their passion.

The key objectives of the Passion Project are helping people identify what their passion is, and guiding them through the process of converting their intangibe passion into tangible ressources. We are looking forward to accompany as many people as possible through this life-changing journey.

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The Passion Business Project


Over the past few months we have interacted with two kinds of people. Those  who are making a living in a field that is related to their passion (+), and those who are not (-).

The group of people which is passionate about their jobs, seem full of positive spirit, energy, and motivation. Those who are not, lack drive, energy and inspiration…

Why would somebody work in a field that does not fulfill him / her?

The answer to this questions is not straight forward… Frequently, this group of people has selected a career path in order to please third party constituencies (…like parents, friends and family). Sometimes, they have achieved superior financial rewards in the short term, but failed to achieve superior personal fulfillment in the medium and long term. Getting out of this rat-race is a difficult step that requires a lot of courage and will to change… For this reason, over time, it gets more and more difficult to drop out of the game.


Our passion is to design meaningful and competitive business models. We share our passion with “apasionados” by coaching them through the process of turning their passion into meaningful customer value propositions and designing successful business models that assure that the apasionados can make a living out of their passion.

Visual Interpretation by John.



Over the coming months we are looking forward to organize a TEDxGDL event in Guadalajara, collaborate with a local music school, support the cult-temple ROXY, and conduct workshops in Guadalajara (Mexico) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).


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